MCI Tools Operates Across All Business Arenas

At MCI Tools, we have experts in the entire range of industry sectors, so we have industry specific solutions available to take your organisation on a Digital Transformation journey. We can integrate your existing investments, modernise your current infrastructure and help your workforce transition smoothly to 21st-century thinking.


Let MCI Tools Transform Your Organisation

We pride ourselves in being Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partner, providing the world’s most advanced Information and Communications Technology to companies of all sizes. We have over 100 years’ experience working with JSE-listed enterprises, public sector organisations, state owned entities and medium-sized businesses around the globe.

Ultimately, our passion is to make a difference and enrich communities by making the impossible possible, through technology. We have the insight, expertise and requirements for the steepest skyscrapers and the smallest start-ups. We cater for a wide range of business transformation requirements with an even wider range of solutions that reduce costs, increase profits, maximize productivity and future-proof your business.

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Our Solutions

With MCI Tools as your partner, you can embark on your Digital Transformation journey, secure in the knowledge that you have a specialist on your side. We concentrate on solving business needs by developing bespoke solutions that are sustainable and can be upgraded as your business changes and technology develops.